Jaisalmer – The Golden City

Jaisalmer popularly known as ‘The Golden City’ is gateway to Thar Desert and a world heritage site too. It lays 575km west in Indian state of Jaipur. This city is as old as 12th century and contains many artistic monuments, abandoned villages and many historically important monuments. It is a city of sand dunes so make sure to fully enjoy the famous camel ride of Jaisalmer. But before you start your journey, know some important fact about the place - Jaisalmer Fort also known as Golden Fort of Rajasthan, constructed by Raja Jaisal, ranks among the largest forts in the world. It offers a magical and mirage like look with a mix of yellow and golden sandstone and proudly displays the magic in its architecture.

Bada Bagh is where the nobles and their families were cremated during Maharawal Jait Singh’s period. A visit to this isolated place during sunrise or sunset is a must. One of the finest Haveli in Rajasthan is Guman Chand Patwon Haveli build during 19th century; it is famous for its well-maintained wall paintings, beautiful balconies and magnificent architecture. Sam Sand Dunes is the location where desert safaris are set off every year in month of February till March. You will love the safari on a camel back in their traditional style, walking through all the crests and troughs, with a picturesque sunset and folk dances of the desert. Gadisar Lake was constructed by original ruler to meet the water requirements at that time. Holy shrines and Chattris are constructed all around the lake and boating is allowed here.

There is a group of Jain Temples with carved human and animal figure on their walls dedicated to various Jain Tirthankaras. They are famous for their rich architectural style adding up to city’s heritage. Kuldhara Village used to be the largest village of Jaisalmer, but all of a sudden all the villagers disappeared in the dark and it now lies like a haunted place with some fine architectural works.

A Desert Festival is held every year in February month with exiting competitions like camel race, folk dances, best moustache competition, with a final performance of folk dancers and musicians. Local cuisines are influenced by war like lifestyle of Rajputs including some of the best dishes like Pyaz ki kachori, Gatte ki Subzi, lal maas, dal bhati churma and so much more. It is located 300 km away from Jodhpur airport and lies on National Highway-15. This place is well connected by railways to the rest of India. General weather of this destination is Sunny. This destination is of type City.