1. - Camel Safari
  2. - History of Osian



Price per person: INR 2500

Departure Point: Jodhpur

Return Point: Jodhpur

Type of Tour: Day Tour

Availability ( Days of the Week ) : Daily

Camel Safari

We tell you about our safari The “Thar” engulfs in itself three prime cities of Rajasthan – Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur ( Osian ) . Around these cities, one finds huge and endless stretches of sand dunes. Thar is a culture, a life in itself, a home for many trebles, animal and bird species. You will surely be amazed to see this different kind of ecosystem where inspire of harsh conditions in summer, without water, flowers bloom ( a cactus specie ) and reptiles venture out of earth. The evenings are much cooler than you can expect and it is more marvelous to sit among sand dunes in evening, with campfire on and folk music sulking inside with countless stars overhead.

Inspired by the THAR, our camel safari is also named after it – THAR CAMEL SAFARI because it gives you a complete flavor of the region combined with the traditions and color of earth. Hail to the ship of the desert – CAMEL, without it you cannot expect life in this region of the world. An animal with great courage and temperament. It takes you through the vats. It has been a medium of transport for centuries in Thar. We have physically well built camels with us, who are well acquainted with their surroundings and the routes. You will love to see this beautiful animal.

History of Osian

In the medieval period, Osian was a large and bustling town and caravans from Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan and central Asia arrived here for trade. Osian was also the capital of the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty from the 8th to 12th century. Osian was an important centre of pilgrimage between the 8th and 9th centuries. This can be known from the surviving Hindu temples of the Vaishnava, Surya ( Sun ) and Shakti ( mother goddess ) sects. The Brahminical influence was very strong in Osian during that period and later, Jainism also flourished in the place through the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty. But still, various Hindu devotees visit the Osian temple dedicated to the goddess Sachiyamata. In ancient times, Osian was known as Ukeshpur.


We will pick up around 1:30pm Jodhpur and after 1hr drive we will reach Osian.

First we will see the Osian 11 B.C. temple.

After that the Camel ride will be a 2hrs tour.

After sunset we will drop you back to your Jodhpur hotel.

It will cost 2500/RS per person ( or 41 USD ) . In this price we will provide our car for your pick up.

This will include the Camel ride and one bottle of water.