1. - Experience Flying Like a Bird feeling
  2. - A joy ride with an experienced pilot
  3. - Easy, relaxed cruising in air
  4. - A life time experience
  5. - A perfect gift for yourself


Company Name: SKY VENTURES

Price per person: INR 2990

Departure Point: Jodhpur

Return Point: Jodhpur

Type of Tour: Day Tour

Availability ( Days of the Week ) : Daily

Fly Like a Bird - Now paragliding in Rajasthan.

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Now have the world class experience of Tandem Paragliding in Rajasthan. The highlights are…

– Experience Flying Like a Bird feeling without any previous experience of flying under the expert control of SkyVentures.

– A joy ride with an experienced pilot: No need of taking training for days before you attempt to fly. You will be accompanied by one of our senior pilots who have vast experienced of tandem flying.

– Passenger sits in front – 360° bird like view. : Feel the wind on your face, the sky above your glider, ground below your feet and flying with confidence. The unique experience of Paragliding is much more live than flying in helicopter or aeroplane.

– Height gained 800 to 1000 Ft above the ground level to experience the 3rd dimensional view of surroundings from sky.

– Easy, relaxed cruising in air. Tandem paragliding is the easiest way to taste the thrill and fun of free flight. Just sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the fun. It is as easy as flying in a chair.

– No one is too young or old for it : we are having experience of giving flying pleasure from 6 years old to 84 years old passengers.

– With a hard core professional team that makes no compromise with safety standards.

– A life time experience. A perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

– We have most advanced GoPro action cam that can be hired on nominal charges on per flight basis to capture everlasting memory of your Joy Ride.


Some of the highlights are:

* Passenger sits in the front, 360° Bird like view.

* Having most advanced equipment for safe flying.

* No one is too young or old. We have experience of flying from 6 years to 84 years olds and 20 Kg weight to 115 Kg.

* Height gained around 800 to 1000 feet above the ground level.

* Option of selfie HD video & photos using world's the best quality action cam.

* Very smooth flying, no fear feeling.

* A perfect gift to you and your loved ones.

The price for paragliding joy riding is INR 2990 per person. Kindly note that this a weather dependent activity and thus we are able to conduct a very limited number of flights each day.